Gerhard Henrich

Hi to all friendly people on earth.
What you see on the left is a merry guy, full of energy and an adventurer.
I was born and grew up in Germany.
My job brought me to the Middle East where I live nowadays in Riyadh, and work for the government of Saudi Arabia.
Since work is not all of life, I like to explore the huge deserts in here.
It is a great adventure to cruise the plains, dunes and mountains together with friends in 4x4 cars and the proper gear.

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Living for some years in a railroad station in Germany I developed my hobby as a railroad enthusiast. I like all subjects related to railroads; the technology, the history and to build railroad models.
My favorite are the German steam locomotives of the 20's and 30's of the last century, but also narrow gauge models from Germany and Switzerland.
At moment of course, I'm focusing on the great history of the Hejaz Railroad. The remains of that legendary railroad are still to be found in the middle of nowhere in the western region of Saudi Arabia.
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The JUNG No. 964/1907

Hejaz Railroad by G. Henrich

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My family is living in Germany.
Above you can see the Henrich family heraldic signs
and castle of Freusburg, founded 1048 A.D.

My friends are spread all over the world.